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Torma Making

The Bhutanese religious rituals make profuse use of torma or rituals objects made out of dough in different shapes. The dough is made from barley flour mixed with clean water. Some tormas represent the deities and while others are symbolic offerings. Yet, other tormas are made to represent the evil being chased away or destroyed during the ceremony. Tormas come in varying sizes depending on the importance of the ritual. A red vegetable colour is applied to the dough shape before butter decorations are attached.

  • གཏོར་བཞེངས། (Dzongkha, Tibetan script, Original)(2015)
    • > Torma Making (English, Latin script, Translation)(2015)
    • > gtor bzhengs (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transliteration-THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)(2015)
    • > tor zheng (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transcription-THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)(2015)

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